Usually the season starts in mid August and lasts until the end of October.

Each year depending on Mother Nature, our schedule for picking varieties normally begins with Vista Bella and ends with the very popular Golden Delicious.  Each week during the harvest season, new varieties become available.  Call us for updates!

Taste the variety!

Verger St-Marc Time of Harvest



Available around the beginning of August, the Bella Vista is a medium size slightly acidic apple which is good for cooking.



This summer apple is popular for its soft aromatic flavour. Melba, available in mid August, is a juicy apple mainly used in cooking.



The big apple ripens in late August, irregularly shaped, soft and sweet when eaten freshly picked.



Available towards the end of August, the Paulared is a medium-sized apple with a firm texture, perfect for snacks.



Juicy, crisp and aromatic that keeps its shape when cooked, the Lobo matures around the beginning of September.



Available in mid September, the McIntosh is juicy, crisp as well as sour and sweet. Very versatile it can be eaten fresh and used for all your culinary delights : applesauce, juice and a wide variety of desserts.



This tasty and crisp dark red apple matures around the third week of September.



Available from the end of September, the Spartan will satisfy all apple lovers. It is ideal for snacks.



The crisp Sweet Sixteen apple has a unique taste and is very sweet. It matures in late September and is eaten mainly fresh. It can also be cooked.



The Honey Crisp is a big sweet apple that is consumed mainly fresh. It ripens in early October.



Cortland is available around the beginning of October. Its’ white flesh, its’ sweet and slightly sour taste make it the perfect apple for cooking and for pies.



This firm and crisp apple is at its’ best when eaten fresh. Its’ sweet taste is reminiscent of the McIntosh.  It is a perfect choice for your apple-based desserts. It ripens in early October.



Golden Delicious  is available around the beginning of October, this white cream apple flesh is juicy, slightly acid, sweet, honey taste, great treats.  Good for cooking, it makes delicious desserts.