Your automnal rendezvous for apple picking!

Whether it’s for a quick visit for your apple provisions, or for spending beautiful moments with your family, at Verger St-Marc, we offer you a welcoming service that meets your needs.

We differentiate ourselves from other orchards by :

  • Our miniature and semi dwarf apple trees allowing toddlers, and adults, to pick their apples easily without the need of a ladder;
  • Our large variety of apples available for picking;
  • Our wide range of home cooked products, including our famous apple pie;
  • Our delicious natural apple juice pressed using the traditional method.

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Picking and variety

The availability of varieties depends on Mother  Nature.  Normally, our season starts with the Vista Bella and ends with the Golden Delicious.  Each week, new varieties reach maturity and are ready for picking.
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Taste the variety!

Vista Bella

Available around the beginning of August, the Vista Bella is a medium sized sligthly acidic summer apple that is good for cooking.


This summer apple is very appreciated by the apple lovers for its sweet and fragrant flavour.
The Melba, available in mid-August, is a juicy apple mainly used for cooking.


This large apple reaches its maturity around the end of August.  With its smooth skin, sweet taste and irregular shape, the Sunrise is better eaten fresh off the tree.


Available in late August, the Paulared is a medium sized firm apple perfect for your snacks.


Juicy, crisp and aromatic, that keeps its form when cooked, the Lobo reaches its maturity around the beginning of September.


Available mid-septembre, the McIntosh is THE apple.  Juicy and crisp, it is both acidic and sweet.  Very versatile, it can be eaten fresh and used for all your culinary delights : applesauces, juices and desserts.


This tasty, crisp and dark red apple reaches its maturity around the third week of September.  The September Ruby is perfect of your snacks.


Available from the end on September, the Spartan can satisfy all apple lovers.  With its crisp pulp, it is ideal for your snacks.


The Olympic, sometimes called the Primavera, is a bright red apple with a rich flavour.  Available in late September, it has a hard and crisp pulp.

honey crisp

The Honey Crisp is a large, sweet and crisp apple which is mainly eaten fresh.  Normally, it reaches its maturity around the beginning of October.

sweet sixteen

The Sweet Sixteen apple is crunchy, really sweet and has a unique taste.  It reaches its maturity at the end of September and is mainly eaten fresh; it can also be cooked.


The Cortland is available around the beginning of October.  Its white pulp and sweet moderately acidic taste makes it the perfect apple for cooking and baking pie.


This firm crisp apple is at its best when eaten fresh.  Its sweet taste similar to the McIntoch makes it a viable choice for your apple-based desserts.  The Empire reaches its maturity at the beginning of October.

Red Hardson

Available around the beginning of October, the Red Hardson stands out for its bright colour and its crisp pulpe.  Therefore, it is perfect for your snacks.

Golden Delicious

Available from the beginning of October, this juicy, crisp, sweet like honey and slightly acidic apple has a creamy white pulp.  Staying firm while cooking, the Golden Delicious makes tasty desserts.


In addition to its delicious apples, the Verger St-Marc offers various homemade products for the great pleasure of their customers.

To taste them is to adopt them!

new product!

The P’tite Mistelle, our new 2020 product, is an apple mistelle.  

Unlike our still cider, this apple alcohol is not fermented in the traditional way.  It is rather an apple must to which we add neutral alcohol, retaining the natural sugars of the apple.

With its 18% alcohol and its sweet and slightly acidic taste, our mistelle is excellent served cold as a digestif.



Nos incontournables

Still Cider

Apple juice

cider vinegar

And the Verger St-Marc offers a lot more products like :

Our famous apple pie,
Our delicious apple turnovers,
Our apple jelly,
Our apple jam,
Our maple apple butter.
Our small apple breads,
Our apple cookies,

And some other surprises to discover on site!

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Located in the beautiful township of Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu, easy to access and, especially, far from city traffic, the Verger St-Marc is 5 kilometers from the exit 112 off the autoroute 20 Jean Lesage.

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